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The Hidden Beauty Of Wayang Island

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Wayang Island is located at Pesawaran District, Lampung Province, which is part of the Sumatra Island – Republic of Indonesia. Lampung is the last province of Sumatra island, which is located near Java Island. Therefore, Lampung is often referred to as the gateway of Sumatra Island.

This is not my first trip to Lampung, because here I can find many beautiful small islands and other natural attractions that will not bore me to visit. There are more than 60 natural attractions in this province. For my third short trip in Lampung Province, I chose the island and coastal exploration of the Pesawaran district.

From Jakarta, I took the first hour flight (06.20 WIB) with a travel time of 50 minutes. Landing at Raden Inten II Airport (Bandar Lampung), I was picked up by a rental car.

Raden Inten II Airport (Bandar Lampung)

To get to Wayang Island, I rented a speedboat (small engine boat, which has high speed) with a capacity of 10 people. But because at that time I chose a private tour, I freely determined my own travel schedule. Of course, the consequences of having a private tour means my expenses were much higher than if you joined a joint tour group.

From the airport, the car directly drove to the location of Pier IV Ketapang. The morning road is still not too crowded, so we only traveled 1 hour and 25 minutes (if the traffic is busy, this trip can take 2 hours or more). At around 08.50 am,  I arrived at Pier IV to meet the team leader / guide who took me on my trip around the islands of Pesawaran.

Dock 4 Ketapang – Pesawaran

The morning weather was bright enough, but the wind was blowing hard. Despite the wind, I felt quite safe because my guide was very experienced at exploring the archipelago and is very familiar with all sides of the Lampung region. Not to forget, we set up a life jacket to keep us safe in times of emergency.

The sea breeze was fresh, melting the atmosphere of the morning. The waves around here are still quite friendly because we were still among some islands.

The Boats at Dock 4 Ketapang – Pesawaran
The Scenery around when travelling to Wayang Island

The distance from the Ketapang port to Wayang Island is quite far away and not many ships accept the route request because they have to pass through the open sea to the Sunda Strait with long travel time. If using a boat, the trip usually takes up to 3 hours more to arrive at Wayang Island. But because I rented a fast boat, the travel time was 40% less. It only took about 1 hour 40 minutes to arrive to the destination.

After a 1 hour drive, we started to enter the vast sea area.. The waves started getting bigger, swinging the little boat I was riding on. The ship continued to drive through the waves and wind is was heavy, splashing sea water onto our clothes, causing us to get wet! Nevertheless, it did not discourage my intention to continue the journey. All of the challenges were worth it when i arrived to see large rocks forming a row of islands called Wayang Island. I felt happiness and great thanks to God, for allowing me to see such a beautiful creation.

Pulau Wayang – the beauty of rocks that adorn the vast ocean

The boat paused so I could photograph in some spots. There was a pointy shape, some are shaped like a tiny hill. This location is called Wayang Island. We could not stay here too long because the waves were just about as high as our little boat. This location is also popular with divers but sometimes, sharks do enter these waters.

Wayang Island – often referred to as the very famous Miniature Raja Ampat Papua

After that spot, we drove another 8 minutes and found a cave in the middle of the sea. According to the boat driver, the cave can connect to the top side and back side of the island. We couldn’t get too close in feat that the waves would make our boat crash. We saw enough from a little distance away. Blue water and amazing scenery is enough to make me happy to be anywhere.

Pointed stones in the middle of the ocean
The cave that can be passed by a small boat (if the waves calm down)

If you want to find the beauty of the sea on the island of Sumatra, then don’t miss Wayang Island. If you don’t want to face big waves, I suggest you come between November to January. During that time, the sea is quite calm!

Contributed by Riswi Hani