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Travels Through Thailand: Ko Tao and Phuket

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Me and my sister (Cerene) decided to travel through Southeast Asia. We had just spend an epic week on Koh Phangan; partying, making mew friends and enjoying the full moon party shenanigans. We decided to head to Ko Tao for some rest and recuperation. The island was very chill with a tiny strip of sand surrounding it. The beach was so picturesque but the weather wasn’t the best.

Due to the weather we decided to get up crazy early and make our way to Phuket by ferry and bus. The ferry was dramatic, as there was a woman giving birth to a child while we were on the water. It was super choppy weather as well so it was a pretty crazy ferry ride. There was a medical team waiting for us when we docked and the women and child got whisked away to a hospital.

When we finally made it to our Airbnb in Phuket, the storm clouds came overhead and started pouring rain on the street market that was below our place. Luckily it was only a short downfall and we got to explore the street market which was awesome.

It was a crazy couple of days, but when your travelling in Thailand, every day seems to have some crazy story that comes out of it. One thing that never changes is the amazing people you meet while travelling around.

Check out the video I made of these few days of crazy adventures: