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Trekking Under Himalayan Skies

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Let me tell you a little about myself. I was born in the Rocky Mountains of the Western United States. Whenever I travel, I’m always told Americans don’t travel enough. I completely agree. Only 36% of Americans have passports, but why is that? A question to explore another time I suppose. Luckily for me, I married a man from the Himalayas of Northern India. My husband pushes me to embrace every moment of this life. He is the owner of a trek outfitting company called Trek Under Himalayan Skies. He helps people plan customized Motorcycle Treks | Mountain Treks | & Extended Stays in the Indian Himalayas. We met while trekking, and love exploring the Himalayas together. This post offers you a taste of our favorite Himalayan destination, Kashmir!

Kashmir is in the northwestern most corner of India. Kashmir is top of the travel list for many Indians. There are so many reasons why, but I’ve narrowed it to our top three.

“A Land Frozen in Time” – Kashmir is known throughout the Indian Subcontinent as the land frozen in time. It’s a catchy slogan for sure, but let me tell you a little about how it came to be known as that. This Himalayan valley is semi-isolated. The people who call it home are geographically cut off from other cultures. This has helped them retain a rich cultural heritage that makes it feel like you’re stepping back one hundred years. One of my favorite daily activities is going to the open air tandoori bread maker in the morning while the call to prayer echoes down the cobblestone streets.

“Breathtaking Gardens” – There are six ancient Mughal gardens that every traveler is drawn to. For centuries, the valley has been cultivating a rich horticultural tradition. These gardens are well tended and boast a magical display all summer long. I love laying in them imagining being the guest of a Mughal princess – it works every time. On my way to the garden, I’ll stop in the market to gather everything for a picnic, and spend the whole afternoon laying underneath a huge Kashmiri maple tree.

“Gateway to the Himalayas” – Srinagar is home to over one million people, but is so close to breathtaking vistas far from the hustle and bustle. My husband and I are both avid motorcycle riders, so one of our favorite things to do is go off exploring on two wheels. Sometimes we bring our tent and camp next to rice paddies or along one of the many rushing rivers. We love renting motorcycles and sharing our passion by helping people plan their own motorcycle adventures around the region. Whether it’s a day trip to one of the many mountain resorts, or a through trek to Leh to experience the Buddhist region of Ladakh, we love making the most of what the Himalayas have to offer.

Kashmir remains among the top places to visit on the Indian subcontinent, so if you’re out and about traveling the world make sure to stop by. These were just a few of our top reasons why you should add it to your bucket list, but there are so many more! Don’t forget to reach out to us when you start planning your trip to Kashmir. We also love being a contact for first time travelers to India. You can find our Indian phone number on our website. Here’s to our next adventure. Cheers!