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Umang Island

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Few people know the name Umang Island located in the Village Legundi Island, District Punduh Pedada which is part of Pesawaran District in Lampung Province (Sumatra) – Republic of Indonesia. I visited Umang Island after going to visit Wayang Island.

From Wayang Island, we traveled about 1 hour, through large waves. Once we arrived in the waters encrusted by many small islands, wave conditions began to calm down!

The water began to calm as we were already between the rows of small islands

The boats pulled over to the beach and it was an amazing sight. Rows of coconut trees with lots of green along the coast make the atmosphere hot to shade. This little island looks quiet; only seen there are some monkeys that jump among the lush trees.

This island is not inhabited and still few people know the existence of this tiny island so it still looks very natural. The water is very clear blue so the beauty of marine life and the panorama at the bottom of the water can be seen quite clearly. You will see white sand covered with colorful coral reefs as well as some types of clam shells.

With the lovely wind breeze, I kept walking along each side of the beach. It was not only the blue water and the softness of the white sand, but the atmosphere of this island really made me feel comfortable, At the west end, I found a coral shaped like a lagoon. In the middle of the coral were many small fish swimming!

Looking at the vast blue ocean and row of green hills under the blue sky

Some large stones that are unique in shape with a charming color texture can be seen on the right side of the beach. They really add to the beauty of this island. It is a very complete view on this tiny island, perfect for those who have hobby photography. After I finished exploring around the island from end to end, I took a break relaxing on the soft white sand while listening to the sound of ocean water whose waves kept moving.

Near the boulders, we found a natural pool with very calm water. Far from the waves and we could swim in it! The water was warm and again, clear blue. The water isn’t too deep so its safe even if you don’t know how to swim. You can see the coral reef and play with some fish!

If you visit Pesawaran, don’t forget to stop by this tiny island. You too can feel the serenity, the peace and happiness I felt!

Contributed by Riswi Hani