Argentina, Latin America

Ushuaia: The End of the World

Argentina Latin America

At the very south of Argentina, you can find this beautiful town know as the end of the world. Ushuaia is this amazing place next to the Andes, surrounded by mountains, lakes and glaciers. The scenery makes the visit incredible. The best part about Ushuaia is that from there, you can take a tour to Antarctica and check out some penguins!

The sunset is breathtaking here and it happens at almost 10pm in summer. The sky goes fully pink! Even though the locals were happy by the good weather when I visited, I was freezing the entire time. Prepare for it to be cold by most peoples standards. If you are visiting Ushuaia, you cant miss the trek to the Emerald Lake! It is one of the easiest treks and I have ever done and it ended with a killer view!