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Alaska United States

Talkeetna is located 2 hours away from Anchorage. We headed there for a day trip. Talkeetna is very small and about 800 people live there. The place really has a small town vibe. I advise parking your car wherever you can find a spot and walking the town. Parking was a bit tough and there were a lot of people visiting. We sat down for pizza for lunch and after eating, we wandered around. There are lots of little shops to check out, as well as plenty of food options. Talkeetna was pretty quirky. We saw a lot of young teenagers smoking nearby. There are hula hoops scattered all over for anyone to use. There were a good amount of outdoor vendors selling jewelry and food products like peanut butter.


Talkeetna river is located right outside the town. We walked past all the shops and vendors until the river appeared. The river was wide and the current was moving fast. The water was a slate gray color; something I had never seen before. After skipping rocks in the river, we walked through the forest and explored the area some more. Talkeetna is peaceful and green. If you have some extra time, make a stop at the Talkeetna Ranger Station. Inside, you will find a free documentary screening and fossils. I am always intrigued by fossils and these were pretty cool.

Talkeetna River
Murky gray water
Exploring Talkeetna
Fossils inside the Talkeetna Ranger Station

You will not find too much to do in Talkeetna but I think it’s a good stop. We probably spent 2 hours here and it was worth the drive from Anchorage. We stopped and talked to a local man who was out walking his dog. He told us that he loves Talkeetna and specifically recommended Denali National Park. I wish we had made┬átime to visit the park but unfortunately, it wasn’t on our list. I am not sure if I wasn’t observant enough elsewhere but Talkeetna has a lot of different flowers. I love flowers so I was running around, snapping photos of them all. They even turned them into awesome floral arrangements around moose cut outs. If you have the time, stop by Talkeetna for lunch or at least check out the Talkeetna River.

A local man and his dog
A local man and his dog
So beautiful!




Contributed by Sigournee Grano
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