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What We Ate in Mexico City

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Naturally, we ate lots of food in Mexico City. The food is affordable and good. I was born and raised in San Diego so I grew up eating burritos. I was excited to travel to Mexico City because I actually like Mexican food.

La Parroquia was located directly next to our hotel so we ate here as soon as we landed. It was Christmas Day so most places were closed. We noticed a few of these restaurants around the city. The food was awful. They serve all types of food and the place had a live band when we visited. Again, the food was terrible and I would not recommend eating here unless you have other options. I had pasta bolognese and my husband had a club sandwich. Both awful! The restaurant served café con leche, which is a coffee drink served with milk.

Café con leche being served at our table
Café con leche being served at our table

Pizza Amore is a good option if you want inexpensive pizza while on-the-go. We saw several locations around the city. The pizza was decent but it took quite a long time to make.


El Cardenal was highly recommended online. It was a few blocks from our hotel so we had to eat there. The line was LONG. We waited almost 40 minutes to be seated in the two-story restaurant. Locals and tourists dine here and I know why; the food is delicious! We ate delicious sweet bread and chilaquiles. We were also served Mexican Drinking Chocolate at our table.

Mexican drinking chocolate made tableside
Mexican drinking chocolate
DELICIOUS sweet bread
DELICIOUS sweet bread
Chicken chilaquiles
Chicken chilaquiles

We ate at a delicious restaurant in Plaza Garibaldi. There are many options in the Plaza. This restaurant was called Tenampa and it had colored flags on the ceiling as soon as you walked in. We ate queso, fresh tortillas and chicken enchiladas. These were the best enchiladas I have ever had!

Chicken enchiladas

Los Bisquetes Bisquetes Obregon was also highly recommended online. There are a few different locations all over the city. The biscuits here are DELICIOUS. I am obsessed with biscuits but this was unlike anything I have ever had. It was almost like it was fried in butter? Anyways, I got mine with strawberry jam and Andrew got his with cheese and ham. We also split Chicken Chilaquiles. This restaurant is a diner so they weren’t very good but still edible. We like this place so much the first time that we came back another time early in the morning. I ordered pancakes and Andrew eagerly ordered Machaca. The pancakes and Machaca were both not good. Don’t order anything here but their biscuits. Even the coffee wasn’t very good. It is a cool experience dining in a Mexican diner.


They brought this out before our meals. It is complimentary.
I dream about this biscuit sometimes
Ham and Cheese! Of course, Andrew had to try the biscuit with my strawberry jam
Decent chilaquiles


Barely edible Machaca
Barely edible Machaca

This restaurant is located in the beautiful Coyoacán. I don’t recall the name of this place either! It is owned by a man who used to live in California! The place is chill and there are no televisions (the owner was proud of this). Andrew told the owner after we finished eating that the rice and beans were the best he has ever had. The food was good and there is an English menu available if your Spanish isn’t great. It is a great spot to relax while visiting Coyoacán.



Chicken enchiladas
Pineapple and chicken taco
Pineapple and chicken taco

La Gruta is located outside of the Teotihuacan Pyramids. We waited 1 1/2 hours to be seated? Why such a long wait? The restaurant is located inside a cave! I am also happy to report that their fajitas were excellent. The prices are expensive but you are also paying for the dining experience of eating in a cave.

La Gruta

We were searching for tacos and we found this place while walking to another restaurant. We decided to eat here instead! It is a two-story restaurant and we sat upstairs, looking out over the streets. The food was INEXPENSIVE. We ordered nachos, which were not good but they were cheap. Just think tortilla chips and nacho cheese sauce. We also got tacos and they weren’t bad!IMG_5829_opt

Good for people watching

After walking through San Juan Mercado, we headed to the back of the market to where the restaurants are located. There are several options but my appetite wasn’t the best since the market is filled with dead animals on tables. I was feeling a bit queasy but Andrew wanted to eat in the market. We chose La Sorpresa due to the friendly chef. I sucked it up and ate a quesadilla! It was plain but I ate it. Andrew ordered a chorizo taco and he thought it was very good.


IMG_5466 - Copy (2)_opt

IMG_5467 - Copy - Copy_opt

Milky Way is my favorite candy bar. Not many people seem to bother with it but I love it. You can imagine my excitement when we found this candy bar in Mexico City. It was pretty good! We tried to find more but we couldn’t. It was delicious and the berry flavor was perfect.


Cafe De Tacuba is a gorgeous two-story restaurant. We arrived for breakfast and we were seated upstairs immediately. The rooms are grand! The waitresses are kind and attentive. I needed a break from Mexican food so I ordered pancakes; they were awesome. Andrew LOVED his chicken tamales. A live band started performing during our visit. It was a beautiful meal.


IMG_7263_opt (1)

I had heard about Maison Kayser because I am obsessed with french cafes. They have them in New York, as well as around the world but there are none in California. I SCREAMED when I saw it on Yelp while staying in the Zona Rosa area. Naturally, we headed there for breakfast. AHHHHHHHHHHH! Best croissant cheese sandwich of my life. I am a cheese lover so this was paradise to me. The food was so good that we ordered to-go sandwiches to eat later while out and about in Chapultepec Park. Go here!



While walking around Chapultepec Park, we found a lady cooking and selling gorditas. Andrew wanted to buy some so why not? Meh. They don’t taste like anything. In fact, if they taste like anything, its chalk. I am glad we tried them though!


My favorite food is Italian. No matter where I travel, I always research the best Italian restaurants in each city. La Loggia had rave reviews online so after a long day at Chapultepec Park, we landed here. This is one of the most ornately decorated restaurants I have ever had the pleasure of eating in. It is absolutely gorgeous and the waiters are nothing but gentlemen. I ordered spaghetti bolognese and Andrew ordered ravioli. They had a rose wine on the menu so we each got a glass. Everything was perfectly cooked and it tasted very authentic. I have had bolognese sauce in Bologna, Italy and this was pretty good!



Happy Sigournee

For New Year’s Eve, we ate at another highly recommended Italian restaurant named Prego in Polanco. We were very lucky to be seated without a creservation (we had one earlier in the night but we missed it). The food was SO good! Of course, I ordered pasta bolognese and Andrew loved his margarita pizza. It wasn’t cheap but it was nice for a fancy night out. We also ordered a bottle of rose wine!



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