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Wonderful Nature In Chiapas

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This year, I gave up my job to travel solo around Mexico for one month. The idea for my trip was to visit many friends who live in different states of this country. My road trip included visiting Chiapas even though I didn’t have any friends there. Many Mexican people recommended me to explore this place. The first thing I did when I arrived was ask people where I should visit, as I did not have any idea about this place before I arrived. Local people suggested for me to take a tour for one day to visit Cascade “El Chiflón” and the National Park “Lagunas de Montebello.” After researching it, I knew these were great places to explore.

The next day, the tour started early. After two hours from the city center of San Cristobal de Las Casas, our came to a stop at the entrance of Cascade “El Chiflon.” He told us that we would have 1 hour to go explore and return from the Cascade and that he would be waiting for us. I started walking towards the Cascades in the middle of the jungle and it didn’t appear to be difficult!

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After walking for 30 minutes, I noticed in the middle of the trees, a beautiful turquoise color from the water. It was the famous Cascade with 80 meters approximately of length. I could not believe that I was in front of it!!! The moment was perfectly amazing and unforgettable!



I felt surprised visiting this wonderful place because I have never been in a similar place before. Around midday, we went to the National Park “Lagunas de Montebello.” This park is so big! It has around 6,000 hectares of extension, almost fifty lagoons, forests and it is popular place in Mexico. During the tour, we visited only five lagoons but there are plenty to explore!

The first lagoon we visited is called Pojoj. It has different tones of blue and has a small island inside. You have the chance to practice kayaking here or rent handmade rafts made by wood to visit the island.

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We continued exploring the park and the next stop was the border of Guatemala. Here we found other beautiful lagoons. We took some time for some pictures; I remember this place is named Tzicao.

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Going forward from Tzicao, we stopped at another nice lagoon with a very impressive view. We also took some time here to stop and appreciate the scenery.

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The next stop was at Esmeralda Lagoon. The name is for its color. The tour guide explained to us that the majority of the lagoons get their names from their colors.



Finally our last destination was the Lagoon “Ensueño” with many pine trees around. It felt like such a peaceful place!

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At the end of my tour, I felt totally satisfied and I can highly recommend to everybody who is visiting Chiapas in Mexico to take this tour. I believe a tour is better if you want to see these locations because the distance is little far from the Cascade to the National Park.

Chiapas has a lot of beautiful nature places for its visitors and to be honest, I really never imagined that I would find these places in Mexico.