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24 Hours in Düsseldorf

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Before heading back to California after Italy, we had a long layover in Düsseldorf, Germany. We booked a hotel near the airport but since we had some free time before flying out the next day, we figured it was worth it to check out a little bit of the city. This was our first time in Germany. We decided to start with dinner and after a quick Google search, Space Burger popped up. We immediately hopped in a taxi and headed there. Space Burger is located in a very busy shopping district. I noticed there were plenty of other food options around. Space Burger had a long wait but I am glad we stuck it out. Our waiter was a tall handsome German man who spoke perfect English. The burgers were delicious and the service was fantastic. The waiter was happy to recommend local beers to Andrew.

Space Burger was delicious

The weather was pretty cold and windy so we decided to just check out the area surrounding the restaurant. We checked out Altstadt, which is the old town of Düsseldorf, is filled with statues and tons of bars. In fact, you can find the “longest bar in the world” here! The small area has over 300 bars and there is a bar for everyone there. We saw rowdy bars, empty bars, sports bars and various themed bars. After walking through the street of bars, we saw the town hall of Düsseldorf, which features a Duke Jan Wellem.

A bar for everyone
That’s pretty harsh, Charlie Brown
Jan Wellem

My favorite attraction in Düsseldorf was St. Johns Church or Johanneskirche in German. It is a beautiful Protestant church with a mint green pointed roof. We ended our night by walking along Königsallee, which is a boulevard. You will find lots of shops and people here. Düsseldorf was very clean and orderly. Although we didn’t get to spend too much time in Düsseldorf, I really enjoyed our time here. In fact, it made us want to take a trip back to Germany some day. I would really love to visit Berlin soon.

Johanneskirche or St. Johns Church
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