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Straja: A Hidden Wonderland

Europe Romania
Vacations are meant for disconnecting from the quotidian.  As the New Year knocked at my door, I decided to create new memories. Imagine that snow globe you used to shake as a kid. That is Straja, Romania. The holidays at Straja are some kind of winter bliss brought to life. If you love traditions, seek out hospitality and want to visit the best ski hotspots, this cosy winter wonderland might be the place for you! Located in the heart of Vulcan mountains, Straja reunites some of the most breathtaking views.
The first morning before heading to the tracks, we started the day with a delicious breakfast. Surprisingly, as a beginner in the world of winter sports, I ran into plenty opportunities to take ski lessons. After a couple of glorious hours of training, I was celebrating the victory of not breaking any of my bones. The evening caught us entering the Romanian Apres ski lifestyle (great drinks, traditional dinner, music and late stories by the fire).
For the last day, we definitely made the most of it. The magic of the fireworks completed the cheerful atmosphere that made us very excited to take the adventure a bit further, in 2019. There are not enough words to describe the fascination of this small piece of heaven. Straja, you have raised yourself to very high expectations. Looking forward to discover more about your secrets!
Contributed by Stefana Puscasu