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Athens and Spetses Island: The Greek Wonders

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The reason that brought me to Athens, as cheesy as it might sound, was to cross paths with someone very dear to me. The chosen destination was : Greece! As we all know, Greece has a seemingly infinite amount of incredible destinations; it was pretty hard to say no to some of them. Conclusively, we went for a mix of effervescent and traditional, therefore, Athens and Spetses Island.
Shortly after landing, I found myself freaking out over the well known Greek frappe coffee and the delicious traditional Tsureki cake. The wanderlust in me couldn’t wait to explore one of the most ancient and lively cities of the world. The first evening, we had the opportunity to find out what Greek hospitality means. We checked into a cosy and wonderful place, situated in the heart of the city.
We only had two days dedicated to Athens so the first day caught us wandering the streets, trying to discover more and more of Athen’s historical past. Athens is filled with creative energy; each step brings you closer to it’s outstanding art, music and food. For those of you who are planning a visit, don’t miss the city’s most famous attraction, Acropolis and it’s newest Museum, one of the most impressive modernist structures. The end of the day found us detecting a surprising cocktail culture, while being captured by of one of the most spectacular views over Monastiraki Square and Acropolis. The name of this secret location is A for Athens. We reveled in the last day, living like locals, exploring the Psirri Square, the nightlife district of the city, losing ourselves in a amount of traditional and modern at the same time.
The following day, craving some silence, we headed to Spetses Island. Packed on a scooter, we started the journey with a pleasant walk through the Island; splendid nature, incredible beaches, long-established restaurants, cosy atmosphere and a mixed history are the heart of Spetses. Every morning, we were welcomed by little alleyways, beautiful mosaics which brighten up the house yards and the lovely combination of trees and sea. All these wonders gave me a strong reason to return!
If you’re a fan of beautiful nature, perfect beaches and astonishing history, start packing for Greece!
Contributed by Stefana Puscasu