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Everything about 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin is awesome. The rooms are spacious, the check-in process involves an unlimited candy jar and the elevator turns into a personal cinema every time you step inside. My husband and I were so thrilled to start our Berlin trip at Hotel Bikini Berlin. After a pleasant ride from the airport to the hotel, we arrived! The hotel is located in Bikini Berlin, which is a giant shopping mall. We didn’t know this until we arrived but it totally worked out for us, as KLM Airlines lost my husbands bag for 5 days. It was so easy to get all of the stuff he was missing right across the street!

The 25hours Bikini Berlin Hotel was so cool that we couldn’t resist shooting some video! Check it out!

Entrance to the hotel

I ate too much candy during our stay

The check-in process was easy and immediately you could tell how friendly the staff was. While my husband checked in, my eyes began to wander. The place is so cool! There are hammocks, work stations, global newspapers, a roof-top bar and to top it all off, the hotel looks over the Berlin Zoo! I didn’t believe it when I read it online but when we arrived, the view really is the Berlin Zoo! We were awoken most mornings by monkeys playing around below us at the zoo.

I was SO excited to see our room after we checked in! We raced to the 5th floor and were greeted with the coolest hallway ever. I didn’t know that was possible but the room numbers are illuminated above you.  We got to our room and I SCREAMED when we opened the door! I have never stayed in such an amazing hotel room before. I didn’t know where to look first so I think I started running around the room and immediately taking photos. First off, the view is once again, the Berlin Zoo. I could see families enjoying their day, as well as interesting birds hanging out on the roof next to us. The bed was so comfortable and adorned with a 25Hours Hotel Monkey plush toy. The walls were bright and stayed with the “Urban Jungle” theme the entire hotel follows. The shower was incredible. It was a rainfall shower, which I had never experienced before! The lights in the shower change color so the water does too! Very cool! My husbands favorite part of the room? The hammock by the window!

We stayed at Hotel Bikini Berlin for 4 days and I truly do not have one thing to complain about. Our room came with a free buffet breakfast and we enjoyed that every morning. They had coffee, espresso, pastries, breakfast meats, hot plates, fruit and more! The Monkey Bar on top of the Hotel Bikini Berlin is VERY popular in the city and there was a line out the door almost every night. Good news though; if you stay at the hotel, you can take the hotel elevator to the bar instead of waiting in a line to get up to the bar! That is a major plus because that line looked like it could easily be an hour long. I highly encourage you to explore the hotel when you stay here. There is so much to see and little nooks to discover. The hotel is connected to an outdoor plaza that is spacious and perfect for viewing the city below.

When it was time to check-out, I was bummed! I now have a new mission to visit all of the 25Hours Hotels around the world. If they are half as beautiful as Hotel Bikini Berlin, I will be happy! Seriously, consider starting your Berlin trip at 25Hours Hotel Bikini Berlin. I cannot say enough good things about the hotel and the staff that runs it. We had a lovely time in Berlin and if we return, we know exactly where to go!

Contributed by Sigournee Grano
Sigournee is the co-creator of Roaming Love. She is a travel enthusiast, photographer, writer and wife.