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Adele in Verona

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When my friend and I heard in 2015 that Adele was going on tour, we made the snap decision that we had to be there. This however is not as easy as it sounds. We did not want to go to just any of her concerts. We had a plan. When the ticket sale started, we were both frantically trying to get our tickets. And we succeeded. We were going to see Adele in concert in Verona!

We did our homework and we saw that the concert would take place in the Colosseum-like building they have. This was a good excuse to go a day early and return a day later. The concert we would be attending would be taking place on Sunday so we made our way to Verona on Saturday morning. 07.00 in the morning to be precise! When we arrived, it was so sunny that we decided to have breakfast in the city and roam around. Breakfast took a bit longer than expected. We found a wonderful café, “Caffe Wallner,” and we stayed there to wake up properly and have some cornetto’s (croissants) with chocolate. A perfect way to start your Saturday! Also the Sunday and maybe even the Monday…



Verona is not a very big city but it is a lovely city to walk around in. We had our Romeo and Juliet moment, discussions about how it is possible that fictional characters have their own house, and we had a search for Juliet’s tomb. Which we could not find! It was possibly due to our own lack of sense of direction. We stuffed our faces with pasta and focaccia’s and continued walking. We walked up to the Colle San Pietro which is on a hill and gives you a marvelous view over the city. A little disappointing was the house of Romeo. It was barely recognizable and not very well kept. We expected there to be a bit more ado for such an important part of Verona.


On Sunday, it was time to go see Adele! Unfortunately it rained the whole day. We were prepared with poncho’s, umbrella’s and we found the perfect nook the hide under. But as soon as the Arena opened, it stopped raining and we could safely watch the concert. In one word: amazing! To hear such an incredible singer in an atmosphere like that was unbelievable! We enjoyed every minute of it and we were bummed for the concert to end. Luckily after 11:00 pm, one can still eat pizza in Verona and we ended the perfect day with a perfect pizza.