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Mývatn Nature Baths & Hitchhiking in Iceland

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If you have ever heard about Iceland, you probably heard about the Blue Lagoon. These thermal waters got so famous,  you can now only visit by reservation and with a very expensive entrance. Since there is such high demand for the Blue Lagoon, other thermal waters are becoming well known too.

In the north of Iceland, there is a new option for your thermal water needs. The Mývatn Nature Baths are a beautiful group of incredible blue nature piscinas with thermal water. They are perfect for relaxing. The best part? They are cheaper than the Blue Lagoon and way less crowded,  which makes them more enjoyable. Enjoy a day in the baths while you are road tripping around the north of Iceland.

Another popular activity in Iceland? Hitchhiking! Around Iceland, there is the the Ring Road.  This passes through most of the attractions that all tourists must visit when visiting Iceland. The most common ones are the attractions located in the south of the country. A lot of tourists rent cars to road trip around the Ring Road. Since there is only one road and the beautiful attractions are right off of this road, I found that it is VERY easy to hitchhike in the summertime, especially because  there is daylight most of the day!

Iceland is a country with a ton of natural beauty. You don’t need much time to explore the island. I recommend exploring Southern Iceland first!