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For a long time, Ireland was one of my travel dreams. I always watched their beautiful landscapes pictured in movies, photos and magazines. Finally, I had some vacation time last March. I asked my friends about traveling to Ireland but everyone was busy. I grabbed my suitcase and I decided to go alone. It was the best decision of my life! I was going to see the best places of Ireland and Northern Ireland, and of course experience the St. Patrick’s festival!

Cliffs of Moher

The cliffs of Moher are probably the most famous landmark of Ireland! The cliffs are situated on the West Coast in the County Claire. You can arrive to the cliffs from Dublin with a car (I did) or a tour in around 3 hours. If  you stay in Galway, you can take a national bus (Eireann) to the cliffs and it will take less time. The cliffs are 8 kilometers walking distance and 214 meters in height.

When you arrive to the visitor center (where you can park your car or learn more about the place), you will see 2 options, left or right. The left is very safe and straight. It is the best walk if you are going with children or you are not very physically fit. I chose to go to the right. First, you have to climb some stairs until you reach O’Brien tower. It is a little tower that you may pay 2€ for entry, but I did not enter. Then there is what could be a cut off road. It will make you think you are walking towards the end. This way is not the end but it is scary! You will see some instructions, telling you what to do.

Nothing separate the cliffs and you. You will walk across very slippery stones. If the weather is awful (very windy and rainy), I recommended you walking along the inner side. It doesn’t matter if the other persons go in the opposite direction, your life is at stake! It really is an amazing adventure. You can feel the nature and see the landscapes up close. In some seasons, you can see Puffins and other animals along the cliffs.

Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge

The Carrick-a-Rede suspension bridge is located at a height of 25 meters above sea level. This bridge joins a small island. This is suitable for all ages, even children. The bridge is needed to walk back so you have to cross the bridge twice.

What is the problem with this landmark? You cross the bridge normally with 7 persons or more but you CAN’T STOP in the middle of the bridge for more than minute. You must see and take the pictures quickly but the landscape  in the middle of the bridge is so spectacular that you want to linger!

Giant’s Causeway

My trip through Ireland took me to the Giant’s Causeway, a must from Northern Ireland. You will see 40,000 basalt columns that have formed a path!

The Dark Hedges

Finally, I visited The Dark Hedges. I couldn’t stop looking at the trees when I arrived. These trees are more beautiful in person than the photos can show, trust me. This place was used in a Game Of Thrones scene. You will feel like you have traveled to another century or maybe stepped into a movie.

Contributed by Ana Pastor