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I’ve been dreaming of Berlin since I was a teenager. I drooled over the TV every time they were showing a Love Parade. I’ve cried every time I have read “We Children From Bahnhof Zoo.” My boyfriend and I finally had time to visit this spectacular city in March last year. We were excited like little children to see what Berlin had to offer.

When we got there, we jumped on the famous metro with some tourist city maps. Our hostel was in a very good area, located in the most vibrating district of Berlin “Mitte”. What I liked a lot is that every part of the city is very well connected and you could visit a lot in just one day. We didn’t really have a plan of where to go and what to visit; we just decided to go with the flow.

While walking around, we absorbed the strange, amazing energy that this great city was giving us. We all know that Berlin was the capital of Nazi Germany. It was infamously divided down the middle during the Cold War. There’s so many mixed feelings in this city like opportunities, admiration, sadness, melancholy and joy, all in one. It’s incredible if you ask me, and today, Berlin is Germany’s most tolerant and multicultural city. That’s why people should definitely visit this gem.

There’s so many great restaurants, markets, hipster cafes, clubs, museums, exhibits .. from exclusively high end stores to cute little vintage shops, you can find whatever you like and even more. One of the great things is that the prices in this city are very acceptable!

I recommend a tour of all the sights that make Berlin well known, such as the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, The Victory Column, Brandenburg Gate, The Holocaust Memorial, Olympiastadion Berlin, Reichstag Building, Alexanderplatz and TV Tower, etc. You can also go on a little ride with a train through the city, put some headphones on to relax a little bit and enjoy all the scenes through the window. It’s one of my favourite things to do in life in general.

Berliner Dom
Reichstag Building

We went to see the famous Zoo station. Oh my, even now there’s a lot of poor and desperate people in that area looking for a way to survive. I can just imagine how it was before. Just around the corner, we found a Museum of Photography, founded by the great Helmut Newton. There were a few exhibits there, but now when I think about it, I just remember Newtons work, even though I expected more of his famous photographs.

We spent one day in impressive Skatehalle Berlin, because my boyfriend is obviously a skater. Within that complex, there’s a cute cafe so we weren’t thirsty or hungry. The vibe was great as expected, people were kind and friendly. I liked the interior a lot and they have a pretty terrace in the backyard. On our way back, we found ourselves in the smallest disco in the world, Teledisco. It’s like a phone booth, perfect for two people. We went crazy on a David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance.” That was a perfect way to finish that day.

Skatehalle Berlin
Skatehalle Berlin
Contributed by Ana Obst