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Canary Islands: Tenerife

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The decision to visit Tenerife was like usual, a spontaneous one. I was in search of something that would really make me step out of my comfort zone. After a long search online and a few talks with my friends, we found ourselves ready for a surfing experience in the Canary Islands.

The adventure was ready to begin! As we were preparing for landing, I was amazed by the crystal clear blue color of the ocean. This time we were travelling with quite a few people so we decided on a nice apartment with a view. It was a great choice! The next morning found us all on the balcony, enjoying an ocean view that left us speechless.

Tenerife was a completely new destination so we up with an itinerary that included lazy beach days, surfing and of course, exploring the island and its surroundings.

The first days were reserved for the sea, sun, good talks and fun. In the next few days, we tried the new challenge of surfing! I don’t know if you have surfed but it was worth it to try! The basic training lasted an hour and after that, we went to conquer the waves! After a long day of trying to catch a wave, it happened! I managed to hold my balance and let myself be carried by the wave. It was one of the best feelings I have ever had! From that moment, I knew I was going to spend the next couple of days on a surfboard.

The following day, we discovered Mount Teide, which offers magnificent landscape of volcanoes. It also has one of the most beautiful traditional villages in Tenerife, Masca. The village is a collection of small traditional houses linked by rough stones. What makes Masca so famous is that it has that Machu Pichu look.

We couldn’t miss, Santa Cruz (the capital, which is located in the North of the Island). It was lovely to see beautiful parks, colorful streets and traditional restaurants with an addictive traditional cuisine. Loro Parque is where you can see the world’s largest parrot collection. You will be amazed by the tremendous animal portfolio and the Jardin Botanico that has thousands of plant varieties from all over the world.

As time was going by, we continued to explore some of the most idyllic places. We went to the wonderful Las Teresitas and Playa del Duque, where the fine yellow sand meets the crystal clear blue of the ocean.

We also satisfied our curiosity by seeing the dolphins in their natural habitat by renting a private boat. We hopped in and waited and waited until at some point, the magic happened. The feeling of seeing dolphins cros our path cannot be described in words. One more thing you should remember about visiting Tenerife: Paella. This dish tastes like Heaven!

It cannot be put into words the impression that this beautiful Island made on me. If you are a fan of eternal sunshine and you are looking for food, surf and relaxation, you better discover the 5th jewl of the Canary Islands called, Tenerife.

Contributed by Stefana Puscasu