Denmark, Europe

Copenhagen: A City Full of Possibilities

Denmark Europe

The decision behind visiting this Scandinavian country was the curiosity of exploring the so-called “happiest country in the world.” The curious part of me was waiting to see if those photos, containing some of the most astonishing views  are real and not part of some fairytale. Like usual, my enthusiasm moved quickly and made me book the tickets.

Friday night caught me landing in Copenhagen. The morning captured me at the hotel window, staring at some sun kissed, charming buildings.  If you like breathtaking views and you crave to stay in the middle of the action, I strongly recommend Danhostel, a decent, central accommodation with a speechless view over the city.

I started exploring the city center, losing myself between the impressive mixture of historic and modern architecture. The city offers impressive cultural heritage (Church of our Saviour, Borsen, The Little Mermaid, Indre By, Vesterbro,Stroget, HC Andersen Boulevard, Amalienborg Palace, The Museum of Modern Art, National Museum of Danemark, Planetarium). It also offers a vast collection of large green areas (Bakken, the most ancient attraction Park, Kogens Have the royal Gardens, the Gardens of Tivoli). Copenhagen has a well-known bike culture, a beautiful harbour and above all that, life. Warm Smiles, welcoming thoughts and open minds are the main characteristics of the Danes. No matter where you find yourself, they are constantly trying to be helpful and to create a cosy atmosphere.

The hidden romantic part of me was impressed by one of Copenhagen’s most known attractions, the little Mermaid. The sculpture was inspired by Hans Christians fairy tale about a mermaid who gives up everything to be united with a young, pretty handsome prince on land.

The last part of the trip caught me on Øresund, a road and rail bridge that connects Copenhagen and the Swedish city of Malmö, a city for people and cultures worldwide. An interesting fact is that the city’s inhabitants come from around 170 countries and speak some 150 different languages. If you ever find yourself in Copenhagen, thats one Swedish escape you don t want to miss.

This Danish escape was short but wonderful for so many reasons. Copenhagen, it was worth fighting the cold. Until next time!

Contributed by Stefana Puscasu