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Cruise on the Mediterranean Sea

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This year, as well as the last 3 years, my mother, my brother and I decided to go on a cruise on the Mediterranean sea. This time of the year is without any hesitation, the best week of the year; not only because we can eat what we want at any hour of the day and night but, because there are many beautiful spectacles and concerts, a fitness room, swimming pools, jacuzzi’s everywhere and so many others crazy things to do. Also, we meet a lot of wonderful people from everywhere in the world and we visit different city everyday. Everyone comes here in order to be happy and share good times, and that’s what I like, to share happiness with others.

I really like to travel on the Mediterranean sea. It’s a magic territory, really peaceful and comes with a lot of history. There are incredible spots to see the sunset and sunrise, and we have a stunning view of the different cities that we visit during the week. This is fantastic because there are about 5,000 people on the boat and it’s still possible to party with everybody but you can also choose to be alone and meditate by the sea.

We embarked at the port of Marseille, which is a really nice city. There is a great museum called the Mussem; there are many wonderful monuments, creeks where the sea is turquoise and the old port area. There are so many things to see in this city.


First stop : Genova, Italy

This city is really authentic with little alleys and Indian and fruits shops. What I like about Italy is that in the middle of a dark street, you can find a wonderful church, and it’s just dazzling and stirring. This is art, finding beauty in the middle of a bazaar.

Second stop : Palermo, Sicily

After two nights at sea and a stopover in Civitavecchia, we arrived in Palermo, Sicily. What a wonderful island! Palermo is in the north of Sicily, and it is at the crossroads of Western and Eastern cultures. The city is pretty poor, but very steeped in history. Here you find cathedrals, churches and palaces at every corner! As we walked through the city, we encountered a local market; very authentic, colorful and noisy.

Third stop : Cagliari, Sardigna (Poetto Beach)

Next day, we were in Sardigna! We went to Poetto Beach to refresh ourselves. The water is so clear and so good!

Fourth stop : Palma De Mallorca, Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands are one of my favorite places I visited during this cruise. The city of Palma is charming and the view of the islands from the boat when you arrive in the bay is breathtaking!


Fifth stop : Valencia, Spain

Our last stop was Valencia! I didn’t know this city before but it’s a beautiful discovery. It is the kind of city where I’d like to live. The center of Valencia is so beautiful and colorful! There are many nice and cheap restaurants, bars and stores.

Catedral de Santa MarĂ­a de Valencia
Contributed by Lea Guerrier