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Europe Hungary

My biggest experience yet in my life was not traveling to the other side of the Earth. Actually, I only had to travel about 8 km from my flat. When I first went there, I didn’t know that this place was going change my life. There, I found true happiness and freedom. Where? In a special place called Farmunk.

There is a wonderful land called Farmunk, which is a 17 hectares big area in the forest of Northwest Hungary. A community lives there and they do bush crafting, outdoor survival and perma-culture. It is a nomadic lifestyle with a lot of different animals and two lakes. Everyone lives in yurts and self-made tree houses and they have for 2 years now.

Luckily , I have the chance to live at Farmunk, too. Currently, 5 people are living at Farmunk full-time, and there are a lot of people who spend most of their free time there. Usually we have guests, visitors, citizens and scouts who come and spend some days/weeks at Farmunk. Farmunk is a Hungarian word; it means ‘our farm.’  We enjoy life the way we believe it should be lived. Due to the weather, we get most of our guests and visitors in the summertime.

We have pigs , cats, goats, dogs, bunnies, peacocks, sheep , plants, fruit, and soon, vegetables! We build our own things from wood. At Farmunk, it is all about nature and freedom.

Contributed by Voros Sziszi