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Victor Emmanuel Monument on Capitoline Hill was one of our first stops in Rome. You can’t miss it with its huge white staircase. Victor Emmanuel was the first king of Italy. We did go inside and we even took the elevator up to the top. There is a beautiful 360 degree view up there. It is the largest monument in Rome. Upon research, I learned that a lot of Romans do not like the monument because it is so huge and bright in color. It definitely sticks out since most of the buildings in Rome are a brown or terracotta color.

Victor Emmanuel Monument

It was beyond epic to see the Colosseum with my own eyes. We opted to not go inside and I don’t regret that decision. We walked around the entire structure in amazement. It is such a crazy feeling to witness such an iconic building. Just as you assumed, there are throngs of vendors and tourists around the Colosseum. Rome is notorious for pick pocketing so definitely watch your stuff around this area. Everyone is trying to get a photo of the Colosseum and its easy to let your guard down when standing in front of such a magnificent structure.


This might be my unpopular opinion but the Spanish Steps were a nightmare. The steps were made famous by being featured in the film, “Roman Holiday” with Audrey Hepburn. I was so excited to see the steps, only to be immediately let down because you couldn’t even see the steps due to all of the tourists sitting on them. Why are tourists allowed to sit on the steps? I understand for a quick picture but people were just hanging out there. I wanted to walk the steps and feel like I was in a movie but instead, I snapped one photo before promptly walking away.

Spanish Steps

The Pantheon is insanely cool. It used to be a Roman temple. Today, it is a church. We walked inside and noticed the shape of the structure changes. From the outside, it looks square but inside, its actually circular. The opening at the top allows light to peer in naturally. It makes for a very relaxed and spiritual environment.


During our time in Rome, Trevi Fountain was closed due to restoration. I was really bummed at first but after visiting Fontana dell’Acqua Paola, I didn’t miss Trevi Fountain at all. The Fontana dell’Acqua Paola was quiet and ducks were swimming in the fountain. No one was tossing coins or making wishes. It was a really peaceful location compared to the rest of Rome, which is quite hectic. I know the Trevi Fountain is open again but I would recommend visiting this fountain as well.

The Fontana dell’Acqua Paola
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