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I am in Love With the City of Love: Verona

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What goes through your mind when you hear the country “Italy?” Probably pizza, pasta, gelato and wine. But there’s actually more than that; their language, architecture, history, etc.

Italy has always been on my mind ever since I came to visit in 2013 and 3 years later, I was back again for a second visit. This time, I went to visit a city in Italy called Verona. Verona is also known as the City of Love, because it is where the famous love story tragedy “Romeo and Juliet”, took place, which was written by William Shakespeare.


Verona is a charming and romantic city. If you like Italy and never went to Verona, I suggest you visit! The first thing you must see in Verona is The Arena; it is located in Piazza Bra. The Arena is large and is still used for opera and theatre nowadays.  I just took quick photographs, as there are many tourist queuing to take pictures in this spot too. It is the symbol of the Arena.


After The Arena, Juliet’s Home is also a must see here. It’s a unique place and typically crowded with tourists queuing to get inside the home. We were able to go inside, see Juliet’s bedroom and stand on Juliet’s balcony. Be warned! There are crowds of people so you just have to fight your way through. Juliet’s balcony is small and it was built a very long time ago.



You can also see a bronze statue of Juliet outside the home. This statue is unique and there’s a tradition. Just by climbing up the statue and rubbing the right breast of Juliet’s, it is meant to bring good luck for those who are still unlucky in love or are still single. Well, I did it too, asking for God to send me the love of my life just by touching the magic boob of Juliet!


After spending hours at Juliet’s Home, I strolled around the Piazza delle Erbe, enjoying the sights of the city’s Market Square. There are lots of cafe’s around. You can just pick one and order pasta/pizza while enjoying the beauty of Verona.

After all, Verona is a city that shouldn’t be missed if you visit the northern part of Italy. I would say that there are so many other things to see other than The Arena, Juliet’s Home and Piazza delle Erbe but I was just spending one day in Verona so I just spend my day visiting three places. I would probably visit Verona again if I had more time. I could say I’m in love with the City of Love!


Contributed by Virginia Avira