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Lake Bachalpsee to the Streets of Paris

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Since the very beginning, my boyfriend and I have known that eventually he would be leaving to Germany. We have tried to make the best out of this bad situation by planning all the adventures we could go on when I went to visit him. As a girl who just loves to travel, I had a huge list to begin with and wanted to travel to all of Europe. We managed to narrow it down to Grindelwald, Switzerland, and last but not least, I had to see Paris. Our first stop on our adventure was Grindelwald, which turned out to be one of, if not the most beautiful place I have ever seen.

We spent a week in this beautiful place, hiking to places like Lake Bachalpsee, and learning how to skip rocks on Lake Interlaken. Even though it was still early in the year and we had to battle a little rain and snow, this place turned out to be absolutely magical, and something I will never forget.

Our next stop was Paris, with a long and extremely beautiful road trip in-between. Since Grindelwald and Paris are completely different from each other, I had to learn how to pack for anything. We spent our precious time in Paris climbing he Eiffel tower, strolling the courtyards of the palace of Versailles, and staring in wonder at all the wonderful statues and paintings ant the Musee du louvre. By far, this trip going to be hard one to top. Solo or traveling as a couple, adventure awaits!

Contributed by Sarah Lee