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Milan: La Bella Vita

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There was a new destination plan, and it’s name it was Milan. We just thought it would be a nice destination to celebrate one of our friends birthdays. Everything was going according to the plan and we were landing early in Milan. We were curious to find out how it is to live authentically Italian so we decided to stay in an Italian vintage place. It was one of those architectural wonders  with big windows and cozy rooms. It was that kind of house where everything blooms. It was surrounded by lots of green!

Not really knowing what was waiting for us in Milan, we decided to take it low. It felt like we were making some kind of our own travel show.  We were walking through the fancy city, where everyone was looking unusually pretty. Milan is the kind of city where art mixes with fashion and design. The atmosphere is thrilling!

The first place you need to see in Milan is the largest Church in Italy, the Duomo di Santa Maria Nascente. It is a wonderful Gothic Cathedral on the main Square of Milan. It is a sacred destination that will bring your eyes pure delight. Across the Cathedral of Milan, a mix of cultural and artistic heritage was calling and we definitely answered. Of course, it was the Galeria Vittorio Emanuele, the perfect place to eat and shop, usually until you drop. Some great ambitions led to this innovative construction that we are so lucky to admire.

Duomo di Santa Maria Nascente
Galeria Vittorio Emanuele

Walking further, we discovered the Diocesano Museum, that houses a impressive collection of sacred artworks. We also saw an important place of Catholic worship, the imposing Basilica St Lorenzo. You cannot leave Milan until you’ve tried the ultimate culinary treats: pasta and pizza. It was all quality so I didn’t mind the quantity. At the end of the day, we ended up celebrating, wishing and singing happy birthday to our friend but most of all, being grateful for the experience that brought us together. We might have not seen it all but we will be back to discover more of Milan!

Contributed by Stefana Puscasu