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My First Norwegian Road Trip

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My journey to Norway is the first trip that taught me how to be fearless and have more courage. I saw so many incredible natural wonders and I felt my body in a whole new way.

We started in Denmark / Hirtshals and from there, we traveled to Norway by a Fjordline ferry to Kristiansand. I was so excited for my first ferry ride. This was my first trip with a backpack. After a very wild ferry trip, we arrived in Kristiansand and made it to our bed and breakfast. This was also the first time I slept by strangers. I would do it again and again; we were so kindly received by a native Norwegian family and we enjoyed the hospitality.

The next day, we rented a car and the adventure began. Our car was great and turned out to be a new home for the next few weeks. We had previously planned a route in which we wanted to see a large section of Norway and finally wanted to return to Kristiansand.

Our route first led us through small villages like ‘Hornnes’ and ‘Bygland’. The nature was so beautiful and I was in love from the first moment. We could have just stopped anywhere to take pictures and enjoy the moment. We just drove along the road without any sense of time and without worries. I would recommend this to anyone. If you want to have your head free from nonsense, go to Norway and make an impressive tour yourself.

We stayed in so many places we did not plan too. We opened our tent or simply slept in the car. In Norway, you can camp anywhere in any place; so many  beautiful evenings at the camp fire under incredible starry skies.

Finally, our first goal was to see the Trolltunga. I had never taken a hike before, so the first hike had to be the famous Trolltunga with 13 km, many gradients and challenges. The hike leads through the high mountains, takes a total of 10 – 12 hours and has an increase of 1000 meters. The hike is long and very tiring! I was so proud when I arrived at the Trolltunga. Such a natural wonder! I had exceeded my limits and it was a great feeling!

We then experienced an overnight stay in the middle of the wild because it was just too dark to find our way to the pile with the red T. I have never experienced such an exciting evening and night. Wet ground, cold and in the middle of nowhere. We had so much luggage; 20 kg backpack and photo equipment.

The next day, I had pain and a muscle ache like never before. But I was the happiest person ever. Our next stop would be the Preikestolen. On the way, we had a relaxing break at the ‘Latefossen waterfalls’. A dream! Luckily, the hike at the Preikestolen was easier than the previous day, but just as nice. We had to climb a lot and also go over an old waterfall. We wanted to stay a night at the top in our tent. The natural rifle platform in Ryfylke in the Norwegian province of Rogaland offers a wide view over the Lysefjord and the surrounding mountains; so incredibly high and beautiful. It was 604 meters high on the corner of a rock; I can not describe the feeling.

Next, we crossed the Lysefjord with a ferry and hiked to the Kjeragbolten. This hike was really so beautiful. I have not experienced such a quiet yet. We simply set ourselves up and did not talk. You hear nothing. No air, no animal, no man. It was just so absolute silence.; scary and yet so excellent.

We had already seen the Kjeragbolten from the Lysefjord and saw what was coming to us. But when you get to the top, you can not believe your eyes. There are stones about 5 meters big between two huge rocks. The stone is simply jammed between them and is 1,100 meters above the fjord. The hiking trail to the Kjerag starts at Øygardstølen and leads through partly difficult terrain. The route is secured by an iron chain. Alongside the actual climb, two mountains and two valleys must be overcome. The valleys are characterized by marshy terrain and lakes. You will encounter sheep like you do everywhere in Norway.

I have experienced and understand why Norway is called the happiest country.

Contributed by Sandra Grossmann