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By the time I arrived in Switzerland, I had been travelling a little over a month around Europe with my boyfriend. We had seen beautiful things and lived awesome experiences, but this would take our breathe away.

We arrived at a gorgeous village called Interlaken without much money, counting with every penny. And Switzerland, well… Switzerland was really expensive. So we just bought what we needed in a small store in the area, nothing else. We loaded ourselves with two backpacks and two suitcases. We still decided to walk to the lodge instead of taking the bus, in order to save our money.


Walking the streets of Interlaken was worth it; the wooden tiny houses over the slope, the emerald colored water, the mountains around us with their snowy peaks. Even the air we breathed was different.

We spent the night in a huge beautiful house with an incredible mountain view and a stunning garden where, at night, you could see a million stars.

The next morning we decided to visit another village about thirty minutes away from where we were. I must say, it was the most visually enriching half hour of my entire life. We took a train whose tracks were located between the mountains, giving us extremely inspiring landscapes. I was trying to capture photos with my camera while we were moving.

Lots of stars at nighttime
Lots of stars at nighttime
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This train, which left us in Wengen (another fantastic place), continued until Jungfrau. This is considered the top of the Swiss Alps. BUT that ticket was not affordable for us. It would have cost us almost all the money we both had. Even so, we didn’t want to lose the experience so we decided to do it on foot.

We walked about three hours up, eating bananas under the shade of the forest to regain strength. We were also refiling our bottles with water from the streams. It was really exhausting and we thought of giving up several times, as we were not prepared for something like this. But at that moment, we stopped for a few minutes to rest. We realized that everything happens for a reason. My eyes instantly filled up with happiness tears when I turned around and saw such a panorama. We were able to sit in silence and appreciate that incredible view. We decided to lie down on the grass and watch the mountains embracing nature. We couldn’t have done this if we had boarded that train.


From that day on, my vision of the world and myself changed. From that day, I understood that I should be grateful to be here at this precise moment. It doesn’t matter where you are from or what you have or do not have. Everything is there in the world; waiting for us to stop thinking about material things and just live in the present.

Contributed by Maria Sol Ortega