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Naples and Capri

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Naples is probably one of the most underrated cities in Italy. This is due to all of the better known and world-famous destinations in the country. Sadly, Naples does not have an excellent reputation worldwide. However, and I know what I’m about to say might sound crazy, the lack of an organized touristic system has saved Naples’ true identity as a city. You really feel the true essence of Naples when you are there. I am very glad to say that my trip there was wonderful and full of urban adventures.

A detail of the ‘Reggia di Caserta’, located near Naples. This palace is one of the most beautiful in the world and some say it’s only rival could be considered Versailles.

After visiting the beautiful Reggia Di Caserta, we went on a trip to Ercolano. Ercolano is probably not as famous as Pompeii but we chose to visit it, as it is better conserved and organized than Pompeii. We spent the entire day walking around ancient ruins and needless to say, it was beautiful. Of course, is there any better way to end such a day than with a nice pizza? Did you know it was originally invented in Naples?

sconosciuto (2)_opt
The sunset from Via Caracciolo in Naples

My time spent in Naples has definitely been worth the travel. We saw a lot more of than what I am writing about but this is a taste of Naples! The food was amazing and the places we visited were beautiful. Every inch of the city has something special to it. After Naples, we still had Capri to check out. I had no idea what to expect from Capri. We often see it in perfume ads and on TV but I was excited to actually go there.

sconosciuto (3)_opt
The Faraglioni in Capri from a different perspective than the more famous one

Capri was simply the cherry on top of an already beautiful vacation. The natural sites and landscapes make it so fascinating to explore. I would personally recommend visiting Capri in the late spring season. The hotels will just opening after the winter break period and the temperature isn’t too warm. If you’re planning to go there in the summer, Capri is still beautiful but keep in mind there will be a lot of walking to do and it is pretty hot in Italy during the summertime. Obviously, you could just go to the beach instead and do a little less exploring than we did. The decision is up to you and its great that Capri offers so many different options for travelers.


Conclusions? The trip was incredible and we had no idea how beautiful Naples and Capri were going to be until we arrived. Naples and Capri are a must you’re already visiting Italy. I hope you’ll find them as breathtaking as I did. It was great fun and you’ll definitely go back home with a new and interesting experience in your heart. The city of Naples is generally safe, but please keep in mind that there are some areas that are better not to wander around alone. Please leave all of your expensive belongings in the hotel as you would do while visiting other countries.


Contributed by Andrea Renoldi