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On The Edge of Reality: Pirin Mountains

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If there is a place in Bulgaria suitable for the reality show Survivor, it’s Foal in Pirin, It is considered one of the most difficult areas in our mountains. Every tourist dreams of going to Foal; it is like a test for will power.

You really need to get over your insecurities when you enter the mountain. There is a steel rope to help you but this is a huge mountain. On both sides, you have gaps and you’re on the edge, alone with your own strength, zeal and fears. Not to mention the wind, which makes you feel even closer to the edge. The view above is worth all the risks and tiredness. It is really amazing and impressive. Think of the most unearthly and Himalayan natural paintings that you can see in Bulgaria.

Early in the morning we departed from Sofia. Our first goal was Vihren, one of the exit points to our goal. This July morning promised a day filled with wonderful views. Vihren sparkled in all its beauty. The Vihren path starts right in front of the hut, along with several paths to other interesting places in the Pirin Mountains. From first glance, it appears that the path is steep and rocky. At the beginning, you will pass through stone scree and evergreen shrubs and trees.

The photos will speak for themselves but this was an unforgettable experience shared with loyal friends and it will remain forever in the mind and heart!

Contributed by Nadezhda Dincheva