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Paris: Faire Une Folie

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The reason that brought me to Paris on a summer weekend was friendship. One of my good friends was staying in Paris so I decided to join her, you know, in case she needed help, wandering those bohemian French streets, eating the fromage.

I have seen Paris before but somehow, it never cease to amaze meI love all of those must see places and not to miss sights, the cosmopolitan lifestyle, the exquisite cuisine. It is because of these things that I constantly come back and discover this fairy-like city.

Happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast so the first day started with nothing else than a French-like breakfast and some late morning talks. The first place we visited was the well known masterpiece of Gothic art, Notre-Dame de Paris, distinguished for its size, antiquity and architectural interest.

Going further, we decided to see the Montparnasse Tower that offers one of the best panoramic views of Paris. Up there, it was like time stopped and the incredible city view was spoke for itself.

Notre Dame Cathedral
Me on Montparnasse Tower

The evening found us on the banks of the Seine, admiring those Parisian cruises that kept crossing our path. Observing them felt like I was stepping into someone else’s life; admiring or catching them in certain moments like romantic dinners with some shy flirting to passionate kissing and cheeky looks.

How else to end the night unless admiring Gustave Eiffel’s most recognizable monument: Eiffel Tower. An interesting fact is that despite its popularity, it was originally criticized. It is now one of the most recognizable icons in the world. The next day, we discovered the Basilica du Sacre Coeur, a political and cultural monument, located at the highest point of the city offering a fairy view. The stories say that it was dedicated to the sacred heart of Jesus. 

View from Sacre Coeur all over Paris

The end of this mini vacation was dedicated to Versailles and it’s surroundings.  Apart from the castle its breathtaking views, there is more to the city of Versailles. If you’re up for exploring a small French city, Versailles is great!

There are not enough words when it comes to describing Paris. Every corner has its story, starting with the daily french atmosphere and continuing with the amount of places and lifestyles that are waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. I recommend this gorgeous French city for days of exploring!

Contributed by Stefana Puscasu