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As people, we are blessed to be surrounded by loved ones and strangers alike. This week, a dear friend suggested having coffee at Patisserie Valerie in the city of Exeter, United Kingdom. What should have been a coffee date ended up being a full lunch with gingerbread lattes to add.


I met my friend Blessing at church earlier this year; she is such a kindred spirit with the softest voice and gentle demeanor. I had a few things to do in town and she had a call with her mother as it was her day off. We met at Patisserie Valerie, looked over the menu and decided a hot drink would not be enough.

My friend Blessing

I ordered the traditional lasagna with garlic bread and salad while Blessing had a morning dish of toasted croissant with ham and melted cheese. The food delivered in a timely manner. I thought the layer of cheese on the lasagna was a bit too thick, but overall it was a very sizable portion and certainly filling.


Good food and good conversation
Good food and good conversation

While eating, Blessing and I talked about this and that and got to know one another better. Once we finished our food, we paid the bill and took a small walk together. We then parted ways as I had work that evening and Blessing had to collect her fixed watch from Debenhams. We hope to have more lunch dates in the future but till then we’ll fondly remember the afternoon we dined at Patisserie Valerie.