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Pretty Prague

Czech Republic Europe

Prague, Praha, Praga or Prag, is the 14th largest city in Europe, and the capital of Czech Republic. It is easily one of the most beautiful experiences, and definitely the most beautiful capital city I’ve visited! Situated on the Vltava river, it is picturesque and you can find beautiful spots in every nook & corner in Prague! We visited the city in October, at the onset of fall.

I instantly fell in love with this city. First up was the Wenceslas Square, it is about 800meters long, and one of the main squares. At the end of the street is the Prague National Museum, which unfortunately was under renovation at the time. It’s definitely worth taking a walk down this street. As we walked along, exploring more streets of Prague, we came across a street performer who was spreading joy and laughter in the best way possible – bubbles! The sight of which instantly brought out the child in me, which even persuaded me to join the kids playing around and soak in the glory of bubbles!

One of the main touristic attractions here is the Astronomical Clock, located in Old Town Square, another must visit centre in Prague. It is a medieval clock, that dates back to 1410, and known to be the third oldest astronomical clock in the world! Pretty awesome! The next day was all about exploring the Prague castle. It easily takes up an entire day to explore the castle, and the walk up to the castle can be tiring, because of the number of steps and the upward inclination. But the view, is worth every ounce of effort. You will also come across small narrow roads that take you up to the castle.

We completed the tour of the castle by evening, and decided to head to the Petřín Lookout Tower. You will find this place on your way back from the castle, and the walk up to the tower is through a gorgeous park. The fall colours in the park were a sight to behold, a beautiful mix of greenery and brown maple leaves on the ground. The Petřín Lookout Tower is often referred to as a mini Eiffel tower because of its resemblance. It is 63.5m tall and has 299 steps to reach the top. You get a 360 degree view of the city from here.

Next up was the most awaited Charles Bridge! Prague has about 17 bridges, but the beautifully alluring Charles Bridge is undoubtedly the most famous. It is historic and crosses the Vltava River in Prague. It is 621 metres long and nearly 10 metres wide. The views from the bridge by day & night are simply spectacular. You find multiple street musicians, playing some very intriguing instruments and soul satisfying music! There are also a lot of artists and you can also buy some charming paintings.

One of the touristic spots I’d heard of over and over again in Prague was the Dancing House. It is very different from the usual old-world charm architecture that you generally see in Prague. Apart from its unusual design, there really isn’t anything much to see there. To be completely honest, it is not worth all the hype surrounding it, but a mandatory photo spot for tourists.

All in all, Prague is a stunningly beautiful city! Its worth a visit if you’re in Europe. You MUST Czech it off your list! P.S: Don’t forget to try hot wine and Trdelník while you’re there!

Contributed by Apoorva Vasist