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Quaint San Marino

Europe San Marino

While travelling around Italy, I decided to take a bus into the world’s old republic – San Marino. This quaint little country sits high upon the Apennine Mountains, 10km from the Adriatic Coast, surrounded by fields, trees and the most magnificent views.

I spent the day in the country’s capital – City of San Marino- exploring the old historic architecture which is still standing 500 years on. There are three castles situated on the cliff tops in this ‘micro-nation’ and I visited the first two, as I found it far too hot to continue walking in the sun to reach the third, especially because I’m ginger!

Although you think it would be just like it Italy, it does have its differences. The zebra crossings match the country’s flag, the designs of their building were unique and it’s very artistic with many old and new sculptures dotted around the place.

I believe if you are ever going to visit Italy, be sure to put this little gem on your itinerary just like you’d put the Leaning Tower or Venice’s Grand Canal. It is such a beautiful country which remains pretty mysterious due to being isolated. With way less tourists around in comparison with Italy’s ‘Landmark-ed’ Cities, it sure makes the visit more pleasant and enjoyable!