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Santorini Bliss

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Bliss. This is truly the only word I’ve been able to find to describe my four day adventure to the Greek island of Santorini. When I got to the island, I thought I already knew what I was going to see and experience. Everyone knows this island for its iconic white houses and peaceful surroundings. But being on this island, actually staying in one of their luxury hotels and walking through each unique street, gave me feelings unlike any other. It truly reminded me why I love travelling and why I constantly strive to see more.

We stayed at the Avant Grade Suites. It is a hotel very dedicated to each and every one of its guests as they had no more then 15 rooms. Each room had a private balcony over looking the beautiful island and Aegean Sea. We also had our own hot tub and got served breakfast to our room every morning. Again, bliss. As beautiful as our hotel was, we wanted to really see the island and what it all had to offer. Our mornings were spent exploring the towns and our afternoons were spent relaxing by the stunning and very refreshing pool.

Oia, a very well known town in Santorini was only a bus ride away and no more then $6. Not being a part of a tour was the best decision we made, as we could venture on our own route and take as much time as we needed. The stores are all cave buildings and every street is filled with crisp white and blue colours. It was like being in a maze, each street leading somewhere new, with stairs going up and down, not knowing if you were entering a hotel, a store, or someone’s backyard. The pictures you get from this place look like they are from a famous magazine. I personally love getting clean, crisp shots of places I visit, and while it can be hard with the many tourists, it was still very doable. Any picture you take here will turn out stunning. 

By the afternoon, we were completely exhausted from walking in the extreme heat, and could only imagine how nice it would be to be back at the hotel taking a dip in the pool. So we bussed home and really just spent the rest of the day in our bikinis over looking the sea. It was all so breathtaking; no picture could ever do it justice. I spent every afternoon alone with my thoughts and the stunning view I had. I don’t even know how I could attempt to explain my feelings in those moments, but I know seeing how unique this place was, made me crave more. I realized how truly beautiful our world can be and how I truly want to see it all.

So from one traveller to another, the Greek Islands are a must. While I haven’t visited them all, I can say with confidence that you wont be disappointed. You’ll want to explore more, and you’ll finally be able to understand my simple explanation of the island, bliss.

Contributed by Susannah Kingo