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The Adventure of a Lifetime

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It all started with a pair of beautiful blue eyes and a charming French accent. Isn’t that what we grow up expecting to happen, while watching never ending romantic movies that paint a picture that seems all too unrealistic? The girl meets the handsome mysterious boy and he sweeps her away on an adventure of a lifetime. No, this does not happen in real life. Or does it? It happened for me! It began at none other than Walt Disney World. One magical night, I met someone. I never would have thought that a year later, I would be living in their country, learning a new language and a whole new way of life. I am also getting a chance to explore the world.

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Let me take you back to last February, when I made the best decision of my life. I heard about an internship through The Walt Disney World Company. College students can work, live and even take classes at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida or across the U.S. at Disney Land in California. I knew immediately that I wanted to have this experience, especially since it was my last semester of college and all I needed was an internship. So, I asked my teacher and all was good from there.

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Fast forward 7-8 months and voilà! Disney will forever be an unforgettable experience. Everyone gains something from their experience while working for Disney, and for me it was simple. I love meeting new people and learning new cultures. So immediately, I began making new best friends with people from France, Brazil, Mexico, Australia and many more countries along with my fellow Americans. I was thrilled seeing people’s faces when they heard the word “Y’all” for the first time or explaining weird American expressions.

China, Mexico, American, Peru – The symbol of love in Chinese
China, Mexico, America, Peru – The symbol of love in Chinese

Then, along the way it happened, the life-changing meeting. The blue eyed French boy who stole my heart and dusted pixie-dust all over my heart while saying, “Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust and may all your dreams come true.” Well they did! From then on, I spent six months falling in love and learning more than I could have possible imagined about myself and another way of life.

Falling in love
Falling in love

Fast forward another six months and here I am doing what I know I have always wanted to do! I never realized how much it was in me until my move to Disney. I am traveling the world, it is as simple as that. This is what I was meant to do and I have always known it, somewhere deep down inside. I am now living in France and learning more about myself and my capabilities even more than I did at Disney!


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Once Disney ended and I graduated from college, I knew I wanted to travel before stepping into the real world. I knew I didn’t want to travel alone. For some people it is possible, but for me, I like the company and being able to share the experience with someone in real time. I had many friends who said they would love to tour Europe, but none that wanted to sit down and make it happen. I couldn’t forget about the blue-eyed French man, whose name is Matthieu. He became my Prince Charming; a man who wanted to travel as much as myself and see the world and all its hidden wonders.

I am now living in France as an au pair. It was a great way for me to come to Europe for a year, see more of a culture and get to know my boyfriend more! What an experience it has already been within three months. We have traveled some throughout the South of France, seen the tallest bridge in the world, and seen the countryside of France.  The countryside of France does not disappoint. I have also eaten so much delicious food; I have been on cloud nine. Not to mention, the wine can get no better here! I’m beyond thrilled I chose to be an au pair because I really get to see the inside of a French household, other than just Matthieu’s style of living.

Tallest Bridge in the World, Viaduct Millau
Tallest Bridge in the World, Viaduct Millau

Knowledge is a necessity and I truly believe immersing yourself in a new way of life is one of the best experiences you can have. You truly appreciate what life has to offer; not only to you but also to others. There are so many different ways to explore the world. I was lucky to meet someone who not only is charming in his own way, but someone who fell in love with travel as well. Travel is essential to finding out who you are.

My travel began the minute I applied and got accepted to the Disney College Program. It began again the moment I was asked to come be an au pair for a beautiful family in France. Whether you fall in love or not, go, travel! Do it! See the world, learn a new language, and put yourself in positions that you are not comfortable with because you will be better for it and you will never regret your decision!!!

Swedish, German, Mexican, Spanish, Welsh and American - new friends
Swedish, German, Mexican, Spanish, Welsh and American – new friends

Besides France we have also been to Venice, Italy, which was a surprise trip for me from Matthieu for our one-year anniversary! We are roaming the world and sharing our love with others. It is an unforgettable experience and I am ready to explore more and learn more!! Our story hasn’t ended; we are forever adding new short stories to our huge book of fairy tales. We are two worlds colliding together for an adventure of a life time.

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I had to get a picture of The Disney Store in Venice
I had to get a picture of The Disney Store in Venice
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Liberia Aqua Alta, Venice

Our Upcoming Trips:

  • Munich, Germany and Salzburg, Austria for Christmas holidays.
  • Dublin, Ireland for Saint Patrick’s weekend and then a two-week road trip throughout Ireland.
  • From Ireland we will then fly to London for a few days.
  • After London, we will then come back into France and see Paris, Versailles, Normandy and Mont Saint Michel with my family.
Megan, American living in France!