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Florence felt like someone had pushed me back in time. Everything from the tiny streets to the white-painted gypsies was something out of a storybook. Florence is a must see when visiting Italy. I cannot guarantee that you will not get sick of being sold selfie sticks and necklaces by various vendors but I think the stunning architecture and food will get you through it. Our Airbnb was delightful. We stayed in Airbnbs our entire time in Italy and this was the best one. Our room featured a winding staircase to our own private terrace overlooking the city. Our host even prepared meats, cheeses and crackers for us upon arrival.

Unbelievable view from our Airbnb

You cannot miss the Florence Cathedral. Seriously though, you literally cannot miss it. It is the biggest structure I have ever stood beneath. We gazed up at it for what seemed like forever before being interrupted by a crying beggar woman waving a photo of a baby in our faces. She would only go away when we gave her money. Anyways, the cathedral is still the main church of Florence. You will hear people referring to it as Duomo. The dome is a burnt orange color that can be seen from miles away.

Florence Cathedral

Palazzo Vecchio is another grand structure. We found out it is the town hall of Florence. I have never seen a building like this with such an intricate design at the top. This particular building made me feel like knights in shining armor were going to rush out and fight at any moment. In fact, all of Florence made me feel like that.

Palazzo Vecchio

You will cross a beautiful bridge covered in people and gypsies. You have reached Ponte Vecchio. I really loved this bridge. Again, this was a sight I had seen on countless postcards my entire life but to be standing there was amazing. The bridge is medieval and closed, making it very distinctive. There are LOTS of shops around it, including tons of jewelry and gemstone stores. We did not make it back to the bridge for sunset but apparently, its recommended and beautiful.

The lovely Ponte Vecchio

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been obsessed with carousels. I loved to ride them but mostly, I just loved to watch them go round. Each carousel is always slightly different than the rest. They really remind me of the magic of being an innocent and naive child. Piazza della Repubblica is excellent because it features a whimsical carousel that almost brought a tear to my eye. Piazza della Repubblica is a city square in Florence. The square is surrounded by cafes and vendors selling souvenirs. We sat in the square, mesmerized by the carousel for quite sometime. If it wasn’t for all of the pesky vendors, I could have sat there all day.

Piazza della Repubblica


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