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The Traditional Clothing of Bulgaria

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My name is Aneliya Toneff. I am 49 years old. I have lived in Munich, Germany since 1999. I come from Bulgaria. Bulgaria is an interesting Balkan country. Historically, Bulgarians are ancestors of Turkic-Tartar tribes mixed with Slavonic tribes. That’s why the culture of my country has the features of the Islamic Turkish world and a distinctive Slavic world. The same can be said about the traditional costumes of Bulgaria and its clothing traditions. Today, the folk outfit of Bulgaria is a mix of ancient and modern pieces of clothing, interesting garments with general and regional features. This mix of opposite cultures and tastes is awesome.

The characteristics and peculiarities of the traditional Bulgarian attire depend on many factors: region, marital status, occupation, class, etc. You can observe dramatically different folk costumes in different regions of the country or even different villages. I present you here some pictures of my costumes from different regions of Bulgaria. With Bulgaria in my heart!!!!!