Austria, Europe

Zell Am See

Austria Europe

By far the most beautiful place in Austria we visited was a small town called Zell Am See, which is a place in Salzburg, Austria. The hotel we stayed in overlooked the lake and there was nothing better than waking up in the morning to the smell of fresh air from the balcony and watching boats pass by on the lake as the sun came up.



Throughout the three days we spent there, we were able to have dinner in some lovely restaurants which were within walking distance, rent a pedalo and paddle across the lake, shop for quirky souvenirs and immerse ourselves in the stunning surroundings. It almost made us forget about the busy lifestyle we had back home. We also noticed many Arabs holidaying there which was interesting because my family and I live in Dubai and the last thing we expected was to see locals from home. Now we understand why it is a big tourist attraction for them: good weather, a different scenery and a place to relax. Quite lovely indeed.